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During strategic directional changes it is crucial to maintain an overview at all times.

There are various reasons for the development or renewal of a business strategy. Besides substantial market data, growth prognoses or competitive situations, changes can also occur to cost and output structures, available resources or technologies. It is conceivable that suddenly potential production and sales markets are lost or business plans are in question due to legal changes.

Strategic considerations can concern both the entire organisation and individual business areas. In both cases you are fully prepared through strategic consultation from Bruestle. Because we monitor the status quo as well as current market developments, and we analyse our customers as well as their competition. Subject to this analysis are the following strategically relevant criteria:

In the second step of the analysis we take another detailed look at your organisation: We isolate the factors that affect the costs and plan the actions necessary to optimize your performance in a specific market segment. At the same time we specify the core activities which must be maintained or developed and define the areas which should be abandoned. It’s not our goal to recommend a strategy, but to implement one successfully. Therefore we even move small obstacles out of your way and consider details like available resources and cultural restrictions in our evaluation.